Vision Statement

Grace Community Chapel exists to make gospel-centered, radical followers of Jesus Christ in our church, in our local communities and around the world, restoring biblical communities of disciples. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Mission Statement

GCC’s mission is to make gospel-centered disciples of Jesus Christ in the new “10-40” window – that is, between the approximate ages of 10 and 40. We want to awaken younger generations of Christians and nurture them through their adulthood. By focusing on key stages of life, we hope to accomplish vertical as well as horizontal (global) missions, passing our faith on to younger generations.

Core Values/Culture

In order to carry out our mission, these are the values GCC strives to instill:

  • Accountability (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12): We teach accountability that goes against the relativistic, grace-abusing grain of this generation. The community holds one’s commitment to a serious and reverent spirituality to a firm standard. No believer stands or falls alone.
  • Authenticity (Ephesians 4:17-24): We remind believers under our care that all are sinful and fighting to faithfully traverse the road of sanctification until our term in this life is over. In that light, we embolden our brothers and sisters to be who they are and to speak plainly about their striving for a holy life. From the senior pastor down to the newest congregant, we bid all to exchange their disguises and legalistic traditions for a genuine relationship with God and this church community.
  • Deep Spirituality (Acts 1:8, Romans 8:5): We urge our congregation to pursue a life marked by a deep, personal and earnest spiritual life that combats the worldly desires of the human body and mind while seeking a disciplined and humble approach to God. This is done through weekly evening prayer meetings, early morning prayer meetings, fasting and other means.
  • Mentoring (Esther 4:14): We exercise the ministry of Mordecai by awakening the Esthers of this generation. We do this by exposing our members to believers who lead radically faith-driven lives wherever God has called them in hopes of inspiring them to do the same. We aim to follow in Mordecai’s footsteps as we challenge and raise up Esthers to make an impact for God’s kingdom.
  • Obedience (1 Samuel 15:22): We persistently remind believers that God is worshiped by a radical obedience, one that flies in the face of an age when compliance is driven by moods and mindsets. Obedience to a worthy God who loves us and works all things together for good (Romans 8:28) should arise even without an emotional impulse.
  • Vision Discovery (Proverbs 29:18): We exhort our flock to seek a God-given vision for their life. This is as much for young children as it is for older parents and everyone in between. We earnestly yearn for every single member of our church to find a precise and passionate way to make a great impact on this earth for the kingdom of God.
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